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The idea of ​​submerging with a girl while loving you is a problem. Love is a great feeling that can control the life of an individual and completely. If the girl was able to take some magical steps to love you, then we will live in a tough world of broken hearts. Oh ... we are not already? You can not harm anyone and you certainly can not love anyone. In my experience, the more you try to fall in love with the girl, the less will be done. Such Catch 22 is lucky, but there are two things that you can focus on focusing on.

Generally, these things that make you happy, and the things we value most are. If we pay attention to these two aspects of human nature, then we can come to the conclusion that we should love the one we love, and be valued for them.

Fall in love with a girl
Happiness is infectious
Let's work to make them happy before, it is really easy and ignored by most people. The easy rule to make someone happy is to please themselves. Being happy is contagious and people automatically feel that you are in your presence. If you are happy about life, then the people around you want to stay. If you are always frustrated, depressed or angry, you will find it difficult to love.

Example # 1 - Love Pictures
Think about who you love or love. Imagine it in your head as you can see the image of her face. Are you happy in this picture or are you disappointed? It is likely that you are smiling or happy in your mental image. If it works for you, it also works for others.

The things you like are very valuable. Can you really love something that does not cost? Changing or easily available items have a very low value in our lives. So make yourself valuable and people will love you. Being valuable is not as difficult as people find it difficult.

The value concept is related to the organization, the most valuable person is the boss, in any other mode it can be completely unimportant. That's why many secretaries are placed on their boss. It has the highest value. Take this concept and apply it in practical circumstances.

Example # 2 - Quote
When you are in school, the most valuable person will be most respected by your co-workers. It can be a football star among cheerleaders or a smart boy who receives the best touch. It may also be a boy who smiles on most girls, or the boy who is the best domestic party, everyone wants to attend. Besides note, you want to read our article about creating a huge social circle.

In the work environment, the most valuable person can again become a socially funny boy who wishes to fight with everyone or a boss or a quick guy who has high honors.

But ... if I like, does not the girl know this social condition? Okay, then tell him about his day! Even though it is not efficient, just tell it about your daily interaction (a satirical way), but it can be an effective way to provide value to you.

In your double dating book, you will be able to learn how to make yourself the most valuable person in the form of great attraction.

After all, do not pay attention to how a girl will love you, because when you try to love someone, she does not. Instead, pay attention to being happy and valuable, the rest will be themselves.

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